RTI's guiding passion is to create products that transform any home theater (or other audio/video system) into a truly pleasant experience - each and every day it is used. Achieving this result requires a great deal of innovation, and an unusual commitment to every detail of product design. To us, a product that is usable, durable, and reliable is not good enough. We demand that the product experience not only be functional, but also enjoyable. It is this philosophy that sets RTI apart from our competition.

RTI not only strives for excellence in the proucts themselves, but in everything we do. We believe our software tools should be professionally designed - an integral part of the system, not an afterthought. We believe our technical support should be staffed with experienced, knowledgeable personnel. We believe our service department should do whatever it takes to meet the needs of our customers. We believe in continuously improving everything we do.

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Here we have listed the companies we currently recommend and have found their products and customer support to be at the highest level. These recommendations came from our personal experiences of interaction and usage. We are always adding and updating  our lists so please check back or call us if you have questions about certain products of companies you may not see here.


Commercial & Residential 

Multipurpose Room

mount & aling 

The projector should always be mounted in such a way that it is perfectly square with the screen in all dimensions. The three adjustments that accomplish this are Pitch, Roll & Yaw.

  • Focus: The easiest way to set focus is to get close to the screen and adjust focus using the remote control. When the remote is aimed at the screen the signal reflects back to the projector, allowing you to control the projector from almost any distance. The focus should be adjusted until you can clearly see the individual pixels that make up the test pattern on the screen. Check that the pixels are clearly visible on the left, center and right of the screen as well as the top and bottom. This will confirm that the projector is correctly aligned. If the pixels are blurred in any area, that is an indication that the projector is not correctly aligned with the screen. 
    Please Note: With a 4K Precision model DLA-X55R, DLA-X75R or DLA-X95R, the pixels are very small, and you will have to be very close to the screen in order to see any pixels.
  • Zoom: The zoom control allows you to match the size of the projected image to the size of your screen. The test pattern in the zoom mode contains an outer border and an inner border. The zoom should be adjusted so that the outer border is just off of the screen surface and is visible on the frame of the screen. If it is not possible to do this on any part of the screen, or if any of the lines in the test pattern are not square with the screen, then that is an indication that the projector is not correctly aligned with the screen.
  • Lens Shift: The lens shift control is used to move the image so that it is correctly centered on the screen. All JVC Procision projectors have 80% vertical and 34% horizontal lens shift. It is possible to use both horizontal and vertical lens shift at the same time, but the amount of horizontal shift you use will affect the amount of vertical shift that is available and vice versa. As an example, if you use the full 80% vertical lens shift, there will not be any horizontal lens shift available.

The KD-MC2500 Master Controller works as the control hub for the Compass Control® System. It has 12 of I/O ports that allow IR, RS-232 and sensor control of the system and peripheral A/V components. In addition, the KD-MC2500 allows IR learning and has two sets of switchable contacts for relay control of external equipment.

  • Fast and Easy programming with Compass Navigator™ PC Editor and IntelliBuilder™

  • Built in IR Learning Function enabling IR control of any device

  • Complete control over audio, video, HVAC, lighting, shades, security, and more

KD-MC2500 - Master Controller (Supports up to 12 Ports)


Luxul is a leading innovator of high performance Wi-Fi and wired networking products that are powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy. We are experts in delivering highly reliable solutions for use in the most demanding network deployments—ranging from residential and commercial LANs and WLANs to mobile Wi-Fi connectivity in heavy industrial and military applications.

  • Simplify and optimize complete network

  • installationsIncrease Wi-Fi coverage by 400% or more over traditional wireless

  • technologiesMaintain highest possible data rates across the entire network

  • Eliminate roaming issues in mobile Wi-Fi environmentsReduce infrastructure, installation and maintenance costs

Full Swing Golf Simulators presents the most comprehensive and realistic golf environments that you can find in the industry. 80 championship courses, a live and fluid environment, multiple camera angles, real time daylight, and highly complex object collision models make this unquestionably the most life like and enjoyable indoor golf experience available. Additional features include a completely customizable interactive practice facility, a 3D green analyzer, on-screen advertising, and the ability to compete online against players worldwide.